Welcome to the Database of Approved Qualifications in Wales (DAQW).


A qualification approved by the Minister for Children, Education and Lifelong Learning is eligible for funding by a Local Education Authority or by the Welsh Government. This funding is for the education provider, not the learner.


DAQW contains details of all the qualifications which are approved for teaching in Wales for learners aged 14 or over, excluding higher education. Information in DAQW includes:

  • full title;
  • the awarding body which provides the qualification;
  • whether it counts as a choice for the 14-19 Learning Pathways;
  • performance points;
  • expiry dates.

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Consultation: 14-19 Learning Pathways Policy - the way ahead

The Consultation on the recommendations of the 14-19 Task and Finish Group report about 14-19 education is now closed. The Task and Finish Group Report can be accessed via the following link:

Learning providers will wish to be aware that, depending on the outcome of the consultation, local curriculum points may not be a requirement, in terms of meeting the Learning and Skills Wales Measure, for the 2014/15 local curriculum offer.

This page provides information about how we are taking forward the recommendations of the Review of Qualifications.
This page also provides an update on changes to performance measures resulting from the Review of Qualifications.
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